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Are you a community platform manager, developer, or moderator looking for the most up-to-date insights to help take your community platform to the next level? Are you interested in staying on top of industry trends, tech, legislation, security, and privacy issues? Then welcome to Trusted Blog — we’re here with all of the essential knowledge and resources that can empower you along this journey.

Meet the Faces Behind the Trusted Blog

Behind the scenes, it is Trusted Accounts — the driving force behind this blog — a not-for-profit company on the mission to build a more peaceful web.

In a world where many users hesitate to verify their accounts due to privacy concerns, the internet becomes a playground for trolls and bots, spreading disinformation and hate. Trusted Accounts is on a mission to rewrite this story.

But that’s not all. We invite you to experience the “Verify with Trusted” feature in our comment section below — an innovative verification tool that lets you prove you are real and unique while remaining anonymous. Show your support by leaving us a Vulcan salute (🖖).

Introducing the Trusted Blog – build better online communities

Navigating the online world is an increasingly complex task. With privacy, security, and the latest tech constantly evolving, it can feel like a full-time job just to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape. The Trusted Blog is here to help! We provide the latest in research, opinion, and analysis on how to keep your online communities safe and healthy.

Exploring emerging technologies and how these can shape our online presence

The Trusted Blog is committed to exploring the implications of emerging technologies. Through interviews with experts, in-depth analytics, and thought-provoking opinion pieces, we hope to shed light on the potential impacts. To help readers make informed decisions when it comes to their online communities.

Join us and be part of something bigger

We think that by empowering people with knowledge and finding ways to make a difference together, great things can be achieved. This is why we are committed to inspiring action through informative content and collaboration opportunities. We invite you to join us and be part of something bigger.

We provide avenues for collaboration, including interviews and featured content, to amplify your reach and visibility.

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